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Litecoin | How Is It Different To Bitcoin?

October 12, 2018
Ravinder Deol

Lets discuss very popular cryptocurrency in this episode, Litecoin!<p></p>As with Bitcoin, Litecoin is an Open Source Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency. In fact, it was Bitcoin that inspired the creation of Litecoin, and technically is very identical to it, but also different in a select number of ways, which I’ll get into with you in this episode.<p></p>// Join Binance //<p></p>Join:<p></p>// B21 BLOCK: CRYPTOCURRENCY & BLOCKCHAIN SCHOOL //<p></p>Free Trial:<p></p>// ABOUT US //<p></p>B21 Block is an online cryptocurrency & blockchain school, and since 2015 has been focussed on creating the highest quality educational products, on cryptocurrency and blockchain . We’re here to help you join the cryptocurrency & blockchain ecosystem!<p></p>// //<p></p>Youtube:<p></p>Facebook:<p></p>Twitter:<p></p>Instagram:<p></p>// MORE //<p></p>Podcast:

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