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Binance Coin | Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

October 05,
Ravinder Deol

In this episode we’re going to discuss the specific coin of an ever more popular becoming cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.<p></p>So, Binance Coin is the coin of the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange. Of which only 200 Million Binance Coins can be created.<p></p>The actual project as a whole is Chinese backed, and they’ve had tremendous success in that market, where unfortunately other exchanges have lacked. Hence their tremendous success in such a short space of time.<p></p>// Join Binance //<p></p>Join:<p></p>// B21 BLOCK: CRYPTOCURRENCY & BLOCKCHAIN SCHOOL //<p></p>Free Trial:<p></p>// ABOUT US //<p></p>B21 Block is an online cryptocurrency & blockchain school, and since 2015 has been focussed on creating the highest quality educational products, on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We’re here to help you join the cryptocurrency & blockchain ecosystem!<p></p>// //<p></p>Youtube:<p></p>Facebook:<p></p>Twitter:<p></p>Instagram:<p></p>// MORE //<p></p>Podcast:

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