If you have ever wondered what it would be like to replace your old shirt buttons with cool new “fashion” buttons? Kind of like “cufflinks” for every button on your shirt… Intriguing, right? Or, perhaps you’re a practical person – and you simply want buttons that won’t EVER let you down!

Buttons that never come loose. Never fall off (at the worst possible time, too). Never break from washing, drying, ironing, or dry cleaning.

Fashion is what you choose to buy. Style is what YOU choose to do with it.  wants to help you personalise your shirts with interchangeable shirt buttons.

Auxilry has launched no-sew interchangeable shirt customization on Kickstarter, giving consumers the option of changing buttons to multiple styles and colors in seconds with the twist of a button, while never experiencing loose button threads again.

Auxilry buttons allow people to get much more utility out of the clothes they already own. And no more buttons to repair!

“Many of us want to refresh or accent our outfits to express who we are and sometimes, changing even the smallest detail, can make us stand out and make a big impression,” said Anibal Marin, founder of Auxilry. “We want to give our customers the option of new to their old favorite shirt, or customize the look of a new shirt.”

Rather than buy more shirts, the Auxilry interchangeable buttons let you turn every shirt in your closet into a “double duty” or “triple duty” shirt!

This alone will save you hundreds of dollars a year – maybe more.

With the Auxilry interchangeable button system, you “swap out” your existing shirt buttons with these high- replacements.

Button replacements are made of only the highest quality polymers and metals – strong enough to handle repeated washing, dry cleaning, pressing, and stressing.

Auxilry interchangeable buttons go far beyond mere “accessorizing” – the obvious thing everybody already does. Auxilry buttons, rather, are your subtle, barely-prominent way of standing out without shouting out.

Auxilry’s vision is to create buttons that are timeless. Anibal wants to re-invent the way you wear shirts, deliver the highest quality, most effective and innovative interchangeable system for your shirts.

To pre-order the Auxilry Interchangeable Button System and for more information visit Auxilry’s Kickstarter page.

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