Virtual prepares for a comeback

The technology of the future has fizzled in the past two years. But new headsets and content make VR worth a fresh look… (Consumer Reports)

Virtual Reality and beyond: The future of music experiences

As virtual reality technology continues to grow and develop, becoming increasingly accessible to consumers, its convergence with music is creating a number of exciting opportunities in the industry… (Hypebot)

HTC’s most important CES announcement isn’t the new Vive Pro headset

The real big deal, and the thing that could significantly change VR’s mainstream prospects for the better, is HTC’s wireless adapter… (Wired)

Making Virtual Reality a reality in today’s classrooms

As the cost of equipment falls and schools have greater to technology, there is great interest in virtual reality as an educational … (The Journal)

reality: Why might be the year AR goes mainstream

New AR technologies are set to change industries — from construction to retail — and transform the way we interact with the digital in everyday life… (

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