Hi guys, wanted to get your opinion. I am currently working on a that connects two parties together, a buyer and a provider. We have not incorporated yet, and in fact prefer to wait until we have a solid number of potential providers, to then apply to incubators and incorporate as they prefer.

We do however have our provider app semi-ready for me to go in person to said providers and on-board them. The app will require them to agree to a terms of use, which our lawyer is drafting up.

I was wondering, do you foresee any major issues if i list our startup as a subsidiary of my personal on the provider agreement, then have them re-agree to the terms of use when we update the doc with our incorporation? We are two founders and I am CEO, so the personal factor is primarily a concern in regards to legality and potential problematic paperwork later, rather than trust/ect.

We also do not plan on selling any product until after we are incorporated— so will not be merging profits with the LLC–however i am making personal expenses from my LLC bank account for the startup, which i plan on deducting while it is pre-incorporation .

Any advice / thoughts welcome! Thanks

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