I have recently been going through the python source code for electrum and encountered the following lines of code at the mneumonic.py file starting from line 130:

  • def mnemonic_to_seed(self, mnemonic, passphrase):
    PBKDF2_ROUNDS = 2048
    mnemonic = normalize_text(mnemonic)
    passphrase = normalize_text(passphrase)
    return pbkdf2.PBKDF2(mnemonic, ‘electrum’ + passphrase, iterations =
    PBKDF2_ROUNDS, macmodule = hmac, digestmodule =
    We see clearly that it returns a 64 bytes or bit seed instead of what we all know a bitcoin priv key should be – .
    Is this the final function to be called for priv key generation or are there steps or functions that I missed?

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thanks you RSS link
( https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/70306/are----512-bits-or-256-bits-)


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