ARDT - Akamai Reflective DDoS Tool

ARDT is a Python-based tool that you can use to attack the origin host behind the Edge hosts and bypass the protection offered by Akamai services.

Akamai Reflective DDoS Tool

This tool is based on the following research done at NCC:

What this tool does is, provided a list of Akamai edge nodes and a valid cache missing request, produces multiple requests that hit the origin server via the Akamai edge nodes. As you can imagine, if you had 50 IP addresses under your control, sending requests at around 20 per second, with 100,000 Akamai edge node list, and a request which results in 10KB hitting the origin, if my calculations are correct, that’s around 976MB/ps hitting the origin server, which is a hell of a lot of traffic.

Finding Akamai Edge Nodes:

To find Akamai Edge Nodes, the following script has been included:

# python
This can be edited quite easily to find more, it then saves the IPS automatically.

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