The semester may be winding down, but Career & Technical Education (CTE) students with access to zSpace can plan to return from the winter break to learn with immersive augmented and virtual reality (/) experiences.

In 2017, zSpace formed new software partnerships to make zSpace for an even more powerful environment for CTE. CTE offerings on zSpace AR/VR now include:

  • Hands-on with welding procedures from MIMBUS NG WAVE
  • Automotive assembly and disassembly with GTAFE VR Automotive Mechanic
  • 3D interactive study guide for automotive training with GTAFE VR Automotive Expert
  • Encyclopedic reference and self-study quiz questions with Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas
  • ECG training with Vizitech ECG
  • Interactive dissection and quizzing for health and animal sciences with VIVED Anatomy and VIVED Science

Today’s students are used to integrating into all aspects of their lives, and CTE courses should be no different. Edtech that incorporates AR/VR experiences helps to keep students excited about coming to class.

“We want our students to come into class everyday excited to perform, excited to learn. We don’t want to keep them in that run-of-the-mill process, especially in and ed,” said Michael Carbenia, CTE director at St. Lucie Public Schools in Florida. “zSpace is a really good way to engage students in a wide range of difficult concepts, from human anatomy to automotive repair. zSpace is one of the our students come to school.”

To learn more about zSpace’s CTE offerings, read this recent press release.

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