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AR Glasses Emerge as Battleground in 2018


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January 22, 12:36 pm

(SiliconAngle) AR’s introduction to the public has been slow, using mobile phones to provide “” into that other reality via limited forays into entertainment and journalism. In 2018, the adoption of AR development kits for major smartphones means we will most likely see major brands start taking advantage of the more often.
Although AR may mostly be tied up in individual apps now marketers will also be able to push more AR experiences by getting consumers to point their cameras at things – products and advertisements – that could then come “alive.” “The next generation coming up are going to demand that augmented reality is part of how their cell phones work,” Annie Weinberger, vice president and general manager at Aurasma, said as far back as 2014. Although that day may finally soon arrive, a big obstacle will be making users realize the capability exists in their phones. That’s why Google, for instance, put AR stickers directly into its Pixel phone camera app.

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