Developers get detailed app analysis feedback.
Developers get detailed app analysis feedback.

Apple is helping developers to better understand and access cutting-edge technology tools such as Apple Pencil, ARKit and custom-made programming language Swift through its Bengaluru-based app accelerator. The one-year-old facility has enabled developers to get personalised help and produce apps that could become money spinners.

The app facilitates this by in evangelists and experts. They helped Ahmedabad-based Designmate to use Apple Pencil, a digital stylus pen; and ARKit, a platform to build augmented reality (AR) apps, to develop the Froggipedia app, which allows students to dissect a virtual frog.

“If we had tried to do the app on our own, it would have taken us a longer time, with a lot of painful exploration as to how to get it right. They (Apple) get people to teach user interface, user experience and ARKit,” said KJ Brar, CEO of Designmate. The Froggipedia app was featured at an Apple event in Chicago recently.

Chennai-based Raja Vijayaraman, whose VFX work was a part of Rajinikanth-starer Robot, built a calculator called Calzy using Swift. A self-taught coder, Vijayaraman now develops apps as a full-time profession and credits the app accelerator for bringing design thinking to his work.

Apple experts brief developers and provide one-on-one app reviews. They guide developers on design practices and refine their skills. Developers get detailed app analysis feedback.

Ashwat Prasanna, 10, is already on his third app and is now structuring his code better.

“I am learning how to structure my code. It was amateurish. They taught me how to debug the apps and also help me with cleaning up the code,” said Prasanna, whose app Quikvert helps in accurate and quick conversion between units of measurement.

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