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#API to retrieve vehicle information from #IOM registered number plates


The Isle of man is a small island between UK and Ireland, with just over 6,000 registered vehicles. However, up to now, vehicles registered in the IOM fell outside the data returned by the API https://www.regcheck.org.uk 

Following a customer enquiry, we added a bespoke API to allow vehicle data to be determined from an IOM registered plate via the following endpoint;


This API returns data in the following format;

“Description”: “HONDA JAZZ”,
“RegistrationYear”: 2012,
“CarMake”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “HONDA”
“CarModel”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “JAZZ”
“EngineSize”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “1339”
“FuelType”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “PETROL”
“MakeDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “HONDA”
“ModelDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “JAZZ”
“Version”: “I-VTEC ES”,
“Colour”: “SILVER”,
“Co2”: “126”,
“RegistrationDate”: “06/07/2012”,
“WheelPlan”: “2-AXLE Rigid”,
“Taxed”: “Active”,
“TaxExpiry”: “31/07/”,
“ImageUrl”: “https://www.regcheck.org.uk/image.aspx/@SE9OREEgSkFaWg==

If the number plate matches one of the following patterns listed below, it will be returned in IOM format, rather than the standard UK format.

Pool Registration Number Example Notes
1 MN-(1-9999) MN-543
2 MAN-(1-9999) MAN-8947
3 MAN-(1-999)-X MAN-23-T Excluding x = I, O, Q, S, Z
4 xMN-(1-999) JMN-129 Excluding x = A, I, Q, S, Z
5 xMN-(1-999)-y GMN-423-K Excluding x = A, I, Q, S, Z and y = I, O, Q, S, Z
6 (1-999)-xMN 582-PMN Excluding x = A, I, Q, S, Z
7 (1-9999)-MN 39-MN
8 (1-9999)-MAN 284-MAN
9 X-(1-9999)-MAN F-3-MAN Excluding x = I, Q, S, Z
10 MANX-(1-999) MANX-471
11 (1-999)-MANX 471-MANX


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