It’s been a week now since Fast Travel Games launched the PC VR version of on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and VR headsets, and in that time the community has given plenty of feedback on how to improve the game. Today the developer is releasing a patch that implements a few of those changes.

Patch 1.01 is live now on both the Oculus Store and Steam. “This patch addresses some key things you have been asking for like ‘Additional options for ’ and ‘Increased walking/running speed’, along with other improvements,” Fast Travel wrote on Reddit.

Sure enough, the full patch notes (below) reveals plenty of tweaking to the game’s movement systems. Along with the increased smooth locomotion speeds, there’s also a new ‘FPS-style’ movement system for those on Vive. If you’re a fan of games like Onward, it should be to your liking. New tutorials have been added to accommodate this new of play, too.

Other than that, the patch largely consists of fixes for small bugs and other tweaks to refine the user experience. We gave Apex Construct a higher score on PC than we did the original PSVR version thanks to improved control options, so if you’ve been on the fence this patch might push you over.

Full Patch Notes:

  • Added alternative FPS-style free locomotion methods for Vive players. These are accessible from the Settings menu. Updated tutorials for this in mission “Hello ”.
  • Raised the walk and sprint speeds for free locomotion.
  • Fixed issue in mission “Into the Dark” where card spawned in the wrong location
  • Several fixes to presentation of the found number of secrets on the Mission Selection Map (the numbers were wrong!)
  • Fixed issue where all found terminal texts wouldn’t unlock in the Data bank
  • Added back mysteriously missing secret in mission “With Friends Like These”
  • Fixed missing mission objectives in “With Friends Like These”
  • Fixed issue where VO in mission “With Friends Like These” would sometimes overlap.
  • Fixed issue where you could get multiple overlapping menu UI:s in your Inventory.
  • Added tutorial for teleporting up ladders
  • Fixed issue where items would sometimes fall through the inventory instead of getting put in the correct slot
  • Made items easier to pick up from a distance.
  • Fixed issue where you could inadvertently modify items in a sub menu when opening it.

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