Happy Saturday, everyone! While many things in the world are very bad today, if you were on the last night, you probably caught wind of a pretty cool historic moment in college : UMBC — University of Maryland, Baltimore County — knocked off the overall number one seed in the annual men’s basketball championship tournament in an absolute landslide.

So, naturally, I absolutely had to find the angle here, and if you owned a smartphone, you probably saw a series of extremely excellent tweets from UMBC’s twitter account, which went absolutely ballistic last night. So, we wanted to recognize the other star of the show: UMBC’s twitter account. You probably would too if, as a 21-point underdog, beat what most consider the best team in the country. Most tweet compilations are not great, but this one is very great.

University of Virginia was absolutely crushed during the second half of the game after dominating the world of college basketball for the entire regular season and throughout the conference tournament on the way to the overall number one seed — a system in place where are placed in the tournament based on favorable matchups as a reward for their performance. The system is still ripe for upsets, and there have been a lot this year, but this one is arguably one of the upsets of all time.

So, without further ado:

Alarming bucket of truth, that one. We’ll end with this one:

Happy March Madness, all! May fortune favor (the rest) of your brackets.

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