Haddow, a British citizen and Bitcoin fraudster has been from to the U.S. and appeared in a Manhattan District Court on Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced April 13.

The DoJ complaint alleges Haddow, , “misappropriated investor funds” and “made false and misleading representations” to investors in Store, Bar Works, and related schemes, from Nov. 2014 through June . He has been charged with two counts of wire fraud – for Bitcoin Store and Bar Works respectively – with each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Haddow was taken into custody in Tangiers last July after Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant followed the SEC’s applications for final default judgements against three of Haddow’s schemes, ordering him to pay penalties in excess of $83 mln for securities fraud.

Bitcoin Store was purportedly a crypto exchange, although the SEC alleged investor funds were diverted and the exchange never became “profitable”. Bar Works, meanwhile, illicitly leased co-working space services to investors around the . The SEC alleged Haddow defrauded investors out of over $37 mln in total. In both schemes, Haddow is said to have concealed his involvement under false identities.

Earlier this month, the SEC charged a fraudulent celebrity-endorsed ICO with illicitly raising $32 mln in unregistered investments. In mid-March, the SEC’ Enforcement Division co-director confirmed the agency is currently conducting “dozens” of cryptocurrency-related investigations across the U.S.

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