Our co-founder and CTO, Alex Rice, was a recent guest on The Modern Series by Signal Sciences, along with Signal Sciences’ co-founder and CSO, Zane Lackey. The series brings in top technologists to share their thoughts on modern security practices. In this episode, the topic was “Modern Approaches to Security for Practitioners”, and the conversation touched on the worldview of security , advice for new CISOs and directors of security, and predictions for .

It’s well worth the 4-minute listen, where you’ll hear the recurring themes of visibility, feedback loops, and the need for security teams to embrace change instead of blocking it.

also pointed to the modern security team’s shift from trying to control everything to “normalizing the existence of vulnerabilities and the breaches that result from them.” It’s a scary mindset for some, but as Zane puts it, successful teams will recognize that these shifts make us more secure, not less. “Everything has vulnerabilities,” he added. “The one that’s the safest is the one that lets you react more quickly.”

Listen to the entire conversation on Signal Sciences website here.

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