After smartphone rentals, Rentomojo now launches laptop rentals Consumer leasing platform RentoMojo has introduced laptop rentals that enables consumers to get laptops on a short or a long term tenure.

The company is currently offering a range of Apple’s Mac notebooks like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Dell laptops like Dell XPS and Latitude on monthly rentals ranging from Rs 3,473 to Rs 7,323 for six, twelve and eighteen-month periods.

In addition, consumers will also have to shell out an initial refundable deposit of one-two rental amount at the time of booking the product. Post the lease period, customers will also have the option of the product by paying a certain sum to .

RentoMojo said the service will be available in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida and Hyderabad with plans to expand to Chennai and Pune later this month.

“We recently launched as a category on our platform and laptops are a natural extension to our existing portfolio of phones and other devices that consumers can avail through our subscription model. With this launch, we are targeting the new age millennial professionals for whom laptops are indispensable, offering them a strong value proposition and enabling them to undertake decisions with regard to this daily utility product” said Geetansh Bamania, Founder and CEO, RentoMojo.

In August, RentoMojo had introduced smartphone rentals, offering a range of premium smartphones like Apple , Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy and Note series of Smartphone on temporary rental basis.

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