In today’s , every business is a data business. Without the insights from data, companies risk being left behind by their competitors. continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace, and this generates more and more data.

This increase meant that legacy technology was no longer sufficient and necessitated the use of Big Data. While we were previously focused on extending the user experience and learning how customers interact on the , we were moving to a much wider focus. Large, variable pieces of data needed to be ingested and analyzed in real time.

We now live in a connected world, where every device is an Internet of Things device capable of generating data – from mobile phones, sensors, connected cities, and connected cars. With this increase in data we’re driving towards artificial intelligence and machine learning. This level of innovation and rate of change has us quickly reaching a called the “data .”

The data tipping point is the convergence of trends in the market that are creating a chasm in technology and an opportunity for companies to take advantage of the data that’s generated all around them.

Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms address the data tipping point throughout the entire data lifecycle:

Data at rest – manage data lakes for all types of data
Data in motion – manage and streaming data in the moment
Cloud and data center – support requirements of connected data architecture

Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms help create capabilities to unleash the value of all this connected data our customers have. As these customers look to take advantage of the significant opportunities available with their data, they need the ability for complete visibility throughout their data platforms.

This is what helped spark the creation of Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS). DPS enables customers to take advantage of multi-tenancy, common , common governance, and common data synchronization from a single pane of glass. This enables our customers to define their corporate strategy once, and guarantee all their data assets across these different connected platforms will follow those same rules.

There’s no end in sight for the creation of data. Making sense of all these connected data platforms is a huge focus for us, helping simplify the implementation of analytics and data across the world.

Check out this video from Scott Gnau, our Chief Technology Officer, as he discusses the data tipping point concept in further detail:

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