I really need some help from someone with a lot of knowledge and experience with crypto trading. I tried to LTC from my Binance account recently, but I mistakenly used a BTC “receive ” from my Green desktop wallet, and the transaction didn’t go through. I’ve contacted Binance and Green customer support several times and neither company is willing to help me recover my . Binance won’t own the fact that they allowed a transfer that had an invalid receive (the started with a “3”, not an “L”), and they said my coins are now lost on the . Green says they don’t have to my private keys in order to help. I don’t know how to my private keys or even if they exist. I do have 2 factor authentication enabled on Green wallet. I’ve been told by of this forum that I may be able to recover my coins if I’m able to convert my Green wallet to a cold wallet, and I have emailed Green with that question and am waiting for their reply. Someone also posted that I try calculating an from my wallet seed. I have no idea how to go about doing that and that’s one of the things I need help with. I’m a total newbie to crypto trading and trying to understand all the technical steps is overwhelming and hard to comprehendenter image description here. I would be eternally grateful, if someone would be willing to walk me through the steps of how to recover my LTC coins? It’s a lot of money to me. I’m attaching a screenshot of the original transaction from Binance website, including the Green receive address and the Txid. Thanks in advance.

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( https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/70542/i-tried-to-withdraw-coins-from-binance-but-they-were-lost-on-the-blockchain-i-n)


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