Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have increasingly become an important topic for web developers. If you’ve ever spent any time looking into the subject, it can be… a bit overwhelming. What I hope to do in this article, and the ones that follow is to gently, and slowly, introduce you to the basics of PWAs, what they mean to me, and give you advice on how you can start building PWAs today. In the final installment, I’ll share a simple but complete PWA that you can use as a starting off point for your own applications. I’ll also share plenty of resources along the way that can help you learn more.

PWAs are new to me as well, so please let me know in the comments if you think I’ve made a mistake, or perhaps when you simply have an alternative take on the subject matter. Remember that the end goal of all of this discussion is a "Better Web" for your users. A theme you will see me repeat throughout this series is to take baby steps. You don’t need to convert your site over to a "complete PWA" overnight. Every small step you make in improving your app is a good thing. Never forget that!

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