1. AOS Mobile | Japan

Tokyo-based AOS Mobile uses artificial intelligence () to help enterprises communicate through mobile with their customers. Its products include AOSSMS, which enables businesses to send text messages simultaneously and securely to multiple recipients and InCircle, a high- messenger that can be used as an office chat app.

2. Change | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Change is one of several startups in Southeast Asia that aims to make cryptocurrencies easier to spend and interchange with fiat currency in everyday life. It is creating a banking platform for cryptocurrencies, incorporating a debit card, digital wallet, and payments app. It is also building a marketplace that aggregates different financial services from a range of third-party companies.

3. Digix | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Digix is aiming to create a cryptocurrency that can provide more stability for investors. Each Digix token will represent a real, physical asset – in its case, a piece of gold stored in a secure vault somewhere in Singapore. The company has created two digital tokens so far.

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