In our latest podcast we have a quick run though of the news as well as speaking to Carlo of .

Solar Bankers is the first decentralised solar network based on the SkyLedger blockchain and fully integrated with highly innovative, proprietary solar generating hardware. Interview starts at 9:50.

They have a public ICO running for 40-days from Nov 22nd thru to end of December generating their SunCoins.

  In other news:  

  • We’re holding on tight for the BTC / BCH / ETH rollercoaster of cryptocurrency.
  • We’re intrigued how a fall from Grace (Mugabe) in Zimbabwe has led to crypto-hoarding.
  • We’re shouting Bitzinga! As “The Bitcoin Entanglement” hits the small screens in The Big Bang Theory
  • We’re wishing Parity some charity and hope that the $150m in lost wallets actually slipped down the back of the couch.
  • We’re in the know about ICO slo-mo no-shows.


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