within the is not just important for people working within creative industries, it is of equal importance across the board. is a skill which drives innovation and is ultimately the way in which a business will grow and stand above its competitors. When faced with a particular problem a team of people who are encouraged to be creative will think of solutions, some ideas may be innovative and really work, others may be a little “off the wall” but should be encouraged as the creative process leads to solutions.

To allow for time for creativity as a business owner you could adopt systems that are automated as much as possible for example symfact.com offer numerous enterprise management systems including risk and management contract assessments. This will leave more time in the office for some creativity to take place.

This aims to highlight ways of increasing creativity within the workplace.


For brainstorming to work effectively it is important to create an environment in which everyone is confident to participate. Criticism of peoples are ideas are necessary to a certain extend in order to move ideas forward, but the criticism must be constructive. Strong characters will need to be managed effectively so that they don’t assume that their idea is the right one – every time! It may be a good idea to let everyone have a turn rather than just listening to who shouts the loudest.


To create an environment conducive to innovation it should be relaxed and happy. Even the decor should be considered, research colours that promote creativity and paint the walls! Mood boards relating to tasks are inspiring as are pictures, posters and other visual displays of the task in hand.

Promote conversations

A silent office won’t produce creativity, although quiet is essential at times. Create opportunities for staff to chat and bounce ideas off each other. A team that knows each other and work together well will be more productive.

Lower workplace stress

Stress is essential for innovation, as it is what drives us to a particular goal, however stress can become negative if it spirals out of control. Stress can affect the mood and health of employees and will certainly dampen creativity. Try to develop an environment where employees can discuss any hardships they are facing, whether in their work or life. Adopt stress-busting policies within the workplace such as regular away days and team activities. Ensure professional advice is sought for employees who are struggling.

Diversify your team

Try to develop a staff team which has a variety of backgrounds and skills. Life and experience allows different people to have different perceptions. A variety of skills and opinions will spark creativity, whereas a team of people with similar backgrounds and upbringings run the risk of being a little stagnant.

Some people are more creative than others, but everyone has the potential to be creative. Creativity is what encourages entrepreneurs towards . Creativity is valuable within the workplace and its value shouldn’t be underestimated.

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