December 3, 2017

Bitcoin goes from crypto-street to Wall Street in 2 weeks when the CME allow traders to use future contracts to speculate on Bitcoin . Neal and Nathan dive into the of futures and discuss how this transition means that Bitcoin’s characteristic is becoming less of a crypto, and more of an asset. Future Contracts ideally means that there will be improved price stability into the future, but there will now always be a looming risk that institutional traders with significant leverage could intensify corrections in the future since they could heavily profit from shortening Bitcoin.

Bitcoin now looks to become detached from it’s initial intent as it starts to take a towards Wall Street. How Institutional traders bet on Bitcoin could determine how to view Bitcoin today. Is it a store of value? Is it a form of transacting value? Or maybe betting on bitcoin is like betting on Blockchain in general. Like how Gold is seen as a form of measurement in regards to risk to the world economy and government stability, Bitcoin could be seen as a form of metric to determine the ability of Blockchain to become more prevalent on society and how governments use decentralized systems to trust with it’s citizens.

Further information on Future Contracts by CME and Nasdaq:

CME Press release:

Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures:

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