and the other major search engines provide a number of tools website owners can put to good use. By learning how to utilize these resources, it’s possible to have a better idea of why people are visiting your website and how to keep them coming back. Here are some examples of how those different tools will impact your traffic and build your reputation.

Mastering the art of using keywords

Keyword selection and usage are still one of the major components of any SEO strategy. The rules have changed several times since the whole idea of keywords came into being. Fortunately, the major engines to provide some assistance in identifying what words and phrases people are using most frequently to locate information on specific subjects.

Using the tools provided by those search engines can provide a of the most popular phrases people are using to find what they want. All you have to do is use the tool to search for phrases relevant to what your business offers. Taking the top results and finding ways to naturally use them in relevant content on your blog, website, and even in your public media messages will generate more traffic. An expert in Toronto SEO can help you select the best phrases and show ways you can use them to increase your online reputation and visibility.

Finding out where the traffic is coming from

How are people finding their way to your blogs and websites? Are they finding you thanks to the landing pages that promote some aspect of your operation? Maybe you are getting lots of traffic from a social media account. Perhaps the bulk of your traffic is from searches people make using their favorite engines.

The best search engines provide tools that allow site owners to analyze their traffic and find out which efforts are producing results. Today, you can even see which portion of your traffic is coming from mobile searches rather than searches made from desktops. That’s important since a growing amount of traffic from mobile could indicate the time to make your website more mobile-friendly.

Identifying trends

Do some of your pages seem to attract more attention during certain times of the year? Are there certain articles on your blog that generate more hits consistently? These are all trends you can optimize if you know they are happening. The resources provided by search engines help you spot those trends. In turn, an SEO expert can help you develop strategies to exploit those trends and increase traffic to your pages.

Evaluating recent changes to your pages

You’ve made some updates to a page or two. Now you want to know if the changes are having an impact on your traffic. You will find that resources like Google’s new console can help you track the increase or decrease in visits to that page. If the hits are increasing and people are remaining on the page for longer periods of time, you know the updates are working. If not, it’s time to make more changes.

Your online presence is crucial to the of your company. Don’t overlook any resource that will help increase the reach of your pages. With the right approach, those increased hits will translate into more revenue and a positive increase in your online reputation.

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