The big problem with most collection is that we have to make huge assumptions about what it means. So, for example, we assume that when somebody clicks through to a story they are interested in it. We assume that if they leave a page open that they are reading and engaging with it. And we assume that if they view what we want them to see, they are engaged with it.

But those are just assumptions and in the past, the only way to check the truth of them was by fixing people with eye tracking gear. That was obviously a very difficult thing to do, as people aren’t just going to let you fix machines to their temples so that you can actually see where they’re looking.

Or rather, they weren’t going to do that. Of course, with the ever wider introduction of that has entirely changed. For when they use we have to track where people are looking. How else can we make sure that we know what to show them?

And that means we can now stop making those assumptions. Instead, we can actually find out what people are actually paying attention to. And as people’s attention …

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