Just Published: 2018 State of Resilience Report

has been featured in the top headlines for the past year due to the scores of organizations that have been disrupted by -related disasters. Data breaches have plagued corporate and governmental systems alike. Equifax and the IRS experienced hacking attacks, while businesses such as Target, Home Depot and Anthem incurred stiff compliance fines.

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These complex hacking attacks, viruses, and related failures across multiple systems present serious risks to business operations and information integrity. Against these constant threats, IT professionals are called upon to provide an secure enterprise infrastructure.

In our new report – The 2018 State of Resilience – we review the results of an -wide report on how organizations are strategizing to sustain severe shocks, protect information, and the insight and intelligence required to stay competitive.

Download the annual report to see what today’s scorecard looks like and if your organization has the tools and support to what tomorrow brings.

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