In Apiumhub we always focus on quality and best practices in Software development. When we don’t start working on a project from scratch, we very often find and this article is about it. Martin Fowler very well explained one day what is a code smell, it is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the software system. And the term was first coined by Kent Beck while helping Martin with the Refactoring book, which I highly recommend to read. Well, if you are interested in this topic, here you may find a list of other very useful software development and software architecture books.

One of the nice things about code smells is that it’s easy for inexperienced people to spot them, even if they don’t know enough to evaluate if there’s a real problem or to correct them. Many companies organize “code smells of the week” and ask developers to look for the smell and bring it up with the senior of the team. Doing it one smell at a time is a good way of gradually teaching people on the team to be better .

Code Smells

Developers are typically trained to look out for logical errors that have been accidentally introduced R0;

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